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springtime at Hunsdon Mead



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May 2016 A conservation project at Hunsdon Mead
February 2013 The potential of solar energy.
August 2009 A visit to the North Norfolk Railway.
June 2009 My thoughts on the spread of our non-native species. Trying to get to grips with our mountain landscapes, I find out about the local languages and place names in these remote areas.
March 2009 A visit to Cornwall during a spell of glorious spring weather.
January 2009 I try some documentary photography as London sees a major anti-Israeli protest.
November 2008 I take the camera from Wasdale to Esk Hause. Fine weather made this the most productive day I have had in the Lake District.
September 2008 It's the mushroom season, and my mushroom photoshoot is described here. Twelve of my images of Epping Forest and other local sights were published in the St Clare Hospice calendar for 2009 which is now available.
April 2008 I have been creating some panos to get extreme wide angles and depth-of-field for photographing the spring flowers. My methods are explained in this article. I also put forward a handy rule for composition called included square.
February 2008 After returning from a trip to Dartmoor I learn something about HDR imaging.
November 2007 I return to New York City for a week, visiting Brooklyn and Coney island for the first time, and finding new views of Manhattan.
September 2007 My first visit to what is probably Scotland's finest inland photography location - Glen Affric.
May 2007 Experiences from photography competitions.
March 2007 I take a closer look at deer, one of my favourite photography subjects.

I am now back from a 4-day visit to Scotland. You can read about photographing the Caledonian pine forest, red deer, and the west coast here.

September 2006 The Canadian Rockies are one of the great landscape locations. This was a one week trip with some close wildlife encounters.